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I'd like to begin with this tweet - "The Catholic Church, indifferent and lethargic in its response to the sexual abuse of children, is now energised by gay marriage. Amazing" Graham Linehan's response when he heard the archbishop of Scotland's stance on the British governments plan to legalise same sex marriage.
I don't think I have to tell you that this stance was an anti one. Oh those Catholics! They make the rest of us sane ones feel ashamed. Very very ashamed.

Im not sure if it happened here - I seldom go to mass, mainly when it's for my brothers remembrance or Christmas. My parents do, I may ask them but mostly likely it'll turn into a "debate" with my father. I used quote signs there because there isn't much to debate about. He's borderline homophobic. I say borderline as he makes a disgusted face when he talks about gays, but he wouldn't be openingly hostile towards any. In fact he got alone well with my sisters friend Darren. But that was probably helped by Darren being a huge Manchester united supporter. Nothing like loving man u for my dad to like you! Men and their sports,eh? It's like women and the city...some other cliched crap.
Anyway, I'm getting off topic, as I do. I'm not sure it happened here in Ireland, but priests in Britain were told to read out the archbishops letter explaining how gay marriages were the devil and shouldn't be allowed (not his exact words, but that's the jist.)

Apparently, according to the archbigot, allowing it will "reduce it's [marriage] effectiveness and significance."
I don't know what he means by that. Marriage is effective in what way? It stops people fornicating? No it doesn't. It allows people to spend the rest of their lives with one person? No, it doesn't do that either. Seperation, divorce, still happen. It allows people to be seen as equal in the eyes of the law and allows them to have that whole what his is mine and what's hers is mine thingamajig? Yes, it does. But civil partnerships have been legal since 2005 and give that right.
And as for the significance. Let me break it to the walking dead that is the archbigot, this is the 21st century. It's also Britian. Yes, I know I'm not British. I'm Irish. We share a lot of things in common with regards our traits, trends, humour. A lot of what happens in Britian is happening in Ireland because we mosy along together more than we do with the rest of Europe. Oh those euro folk! They take the Eurovision seriously, we don't. We laugh at the silly Europeans and there mad music as we sit back and watch X factor or one of the other many tv shows we share a love of. What I'm getting at is this - marriage isn't that significant anymore. In the days of old people did it because they loved each other, they wanted to be together and have lots of sex and babies. Nowadays people do it because they love each other and they want a big fancy dress.
Thats it! The sex and babies can be got without marriage because there is no shame in it anymore. There is no fear you'll be thrown into a convent or a Magdeline laundry for it.
Most people have the kids in relationships, then go on to marriage. But often many don't as it's a lost of money as a married couple can earn less than two single people living together. (look that up, I'm pretty sure it's true?) or you just fall out of love with that person.

Another thing in that letter that annoyed the hell out of me was the insistence that marriage is for the "flourishing of the relationship and bringing up chrildren." "Marriage is intended for procreation and the education of children."

And gays, unable to have children the way a man and a woman can shouldn't be allowed to marry because they can't procreate. So basically, if a woman is barren, or a man has a low count, and neither can have children, are they not allowed to get married either because it's not going to lead to children in, what you may say is, the natural route?
That to me is what that sounds very much like. If you can't have kids, your not entitled to get married. Your not allowed to be loved. Piss off home, billy no mate.
What bull!

As a Catholic it is apparently my "duty to ensure the true meaning of marriage is not lost for future generations."
Which gets me to the point of - who fucking gave the Catholics the sole right to marriage? Was it a concept that came to Jesus which he passed on to his disciplines? No it wasn't. It was a concept and an action that was used to YEARS before he was even born. It predates Christiany. Same sex marriages predate Christainity. Sure, they were rare in anicent cultures, but they happened. Yet we have this muppet of an archbishop who thinks that is was copyrighted by the Catholic Church. 'Marriage, it's ours. Don't you dare use it.'
Marriage has been around for longer than most of the worlds religions today - maybe even all, I'm not too sure on that fact either. Yet they all seem to think they have a right to own it exclusively. They don't. Marriage is for anyone who feels they love someone so much they can be with them forever. My hat goes off to anyone like that because I can't even commit to myself. Let them marry if they are human, legal and not being forced into it, is what I say. God knows we need a lot more love in the word to counteract all this bigotry and hatred.

Date: 2012-03-12 10:53 pm (UTC)
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I have wondered if the Catholic policy on not allowing priests to marry caused so much of the molestation of small children. It would be interesting to do a study of different religions to see how they stack up.

Date: 2012-03-12 11:05 pm (UTC)
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In all fairness, we have no idea what goes on with the Tibetan monks as they are very hush hush. Catholics are in democratic societies where boys grow up, leave the church and then speak out.

I still think it is interesting as the Catholics are one of the only Western religions that advocates celibacy. I think the Anglicans did that a while back but now they marry.


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